Out of Commission

Out of Commission Drinking Party Game; an old fashioned board game with an intoxicating twist. Get the party started and pre-game with OOC! An interactive adult / college party game.

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Brand: Out of Commission


  • PRE-GAME and bring OUT OF COMMISSION to your next party. A game that will forever change the party experience for college students, young adults, and even "cool parents".
  • OUT OF COMMISSION transforms the classic style board game into a new experience of its own in which players undergo an invigorating race to victory. On your journey, players face hilarious obstacles and various challenges that will leave their abs sore from hysterical laughter and encourage them to CRACK UP, DRINK UP, and make a FOOL OF THEMSELVES.
  • Every one has those nights. The nights where NOTHING is going on, and all you want to do is PARTY. OUT OF COMMISSION will ensure that you will never have to experience a night like this again. No frat party going on? No ball game? Well, don't fear, OOC is here. Call up your buddies or ladies, and have the time of your life in the comfort of your home, dorm room, or frat house
  • INCLUDES: • 1 Board Game • 30 Face Off Cards • 30 Mystery Cards • 1 Die • 6 Pawns • Simple instructions, quick start and easy to learn and play. For 3 or more players.
  • You've played Beer Pong. You've played Flip Cup. Now you need to play OUT OF COMMISSION!

Genre: Party, action, board-game, card-game

Legal Disclaimer: If you choose to play Out of Commission board game with alcoholic beverages, you must be of legal drinking age. Please use caution and drink responsibly. Never drink and drive.

Publisher: SteezeCo Enterprises LLC

Details: Race to an epic finish with your friends while facing hilarious obstacles and challenges that will encourage you to crack up, drink up, and make a fool of yourself. For 3 or more players. Includes: • 1 Board Game • 30 Face Off Cards • 30 Mystery Cards • 1 Die • 6 Pawns • Instructions NOW GET OUT OF COMMISSION!!

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